I PUC Sociology | Chapter-1 Nature Of Sociology Model Questions Set-2

Model Questions Set-2 Of Chapter: 1 Nature Of Sociology

I. ONE MARK QUESTIONS. (Answer the following questions in a word or sentences)

1. What is Social Fact? 

2. “We should understand man’s social behaviour through his social background”. who said this? 

3. Mention any one book of Emile Durkhiem. 

4. Write any one specialised field of study stated by Emile Durkhiem. 

5. Who is a pioneer in the study of suicide? 

6. State one type of suicide according to Emile Durkhiem. 

7. Who wrote the book ‘Division of Labour in Society’? 

8. Who advocated the “Conflict Perspective”?

9. Mention a book written by Karl Marx.

10. Mention a book of Max Weber.

11. Mention any one western sociologist who popularized sociology.

12. When was the study of sociology started in India?

13. In which university of India, the sociology is introduced at first?

14. When did sociology became an independent study in India?

15. Name any one Indian sociologist.

16. Who is the Father of Indian sociology?

17. State a book of G.S Ghurye.

18. State the policy advocated by G.S.Ghurye on Scheduled Tribes.

19. Who wrote ‘Caste and Race in India’?

20. Which organisation was started by G.S Ghurye?

21. Who established ‘Indian Sociological Society’?

22. Which bulletin was started by G.S Ghurye?

23. Who is the well known sociologist of Karnataka?

24. Mention any one concept introduced by M.N.Shrinivas.

25. Who edited the book “Indian Villages”?

26. Who wrote “Remembered Villages”?

27. Expand ISEC.

28. Who is the First women Sociologist of India?

29. Mention a book of lravati Karve. 

30. Which book of lravati Karve honoured by ‘Maharashtra Sahitya Academy’ award? 

31. Who wrote the book “Kinship Organisation in India’? 

32. Mention any one book of A.R.Desai. 

33. Who edited ‘Rural Sociology in India’? 

34. Who said “sociology is the vehicle of social reforms”? 

35. Who introduced the concept ‘Deconstruction’? 

36. Who Introduced the concept ‘Structuration’? 

37. Name one of the modern sociologist. 

38. Write any one type of Applied Science. 

II. QUESTIONS OF 2 MARKS (Answer in two sentences.)

1. Write two social effects of Industrial Revolution

2. Write any two social effects of French Revolution

3. Mention any two features of sociology

4. Write the origin of the word science

5. What is clinical sociology?

6. Define science according to RT Scharfer

7. Mention any two characteristics of science

8. State the types of science?

9. Write two examples of Natural Science

10. Write two examples of Social Science

11. Mention any two differences between natural science and social science

12. Mention any two subject matters of sociology

13. Mention any two special field of study of sociology

14. What is the ‘Theory of Organic Analogy?

15. Name any two books of Emile Durkhiem

16. Mention any two field of study introduced by Emile Durkhiem

17. What is class Conflict according to Karl Marx?

18. Mention any two works of Karl Marx

19. Name any two works of Max Weber

20. Name any two western sociologists

21. Name any two Indian sociologists

22. Mention any two works of GS Ghurye

23. Mnetion any two concepts introduced by MN Shrinivas

24. Name any two works of lravati Karve

25. Name any two works of AR Desai

26. Name any two modern sociologist

27. What is Deconstruction?

28. What is Structuration?

29. Write any two types of Applied Social Science

Ill. QUESTIONS OF 5 MARKS. (Answer in 10-15 sentences.)

1. Briefly explain the contributions of Herbert Spencer to the sociology 

2. Explain the role of M N Shrinivas in the popularizing sociology 

3. Discuss the role of lravati Karve in popularizing Indian Sociology? 

4. Explain the contributions of A R Desai to the development of sociology 

5. Name any five sociologists of 21st century 

6. Sociology is a Pure Science Discuss 

7. Sociology is an Applied Science Discuss 

8. Briefly explain five branches of applied sociology 

IV. QUESTIONS OF 10 MARKS. Answer in 30-40 sentences.

1. Discuss the role of Herbert Spencer and Emile Durkhiem to the development of


2. Explain the contributions of G. S. Ghurye to the sociology.

3. Discuss the role of M. N. Shrinivas and lravati Karve to the development of sociology. 

4. Explain Pure and Applied Science. 

5. Mention the names of ten sociologists.

V. Match the followings.

1. Match the following.

List-I List-II
A. Priesthood of Humanity (i) GS Ghurye
B. First women sociologist (ii) Herbert Spencer
C. First Indian lady sociologist (iii) Harriot Martinova
D. First principles (iv) lravati Karve
E. Father of Indian Sociology (v) August Comte

2. Match the following.

List-I List-II
A. August Comte (i) Class conflict
B. Herbert Spencer (ii) Positive philosophy
C. Karl Marks (iii) Caste and Race in India
D. G.S. Ghurye (iv) Remembered village
E. M.N. Srinivas (v) British Sciologists.

VI. Fill in the Blanks:

1. Social engineering is a branch of _____ Sociology.

2. Sulabh International is an example for Sociology.

3. _____ was called the father of Indian sociology.

4. _____ was the first Indian women sociologist.


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