I PUC Sociology | Chapter-1 Nature Of Sociology Model Questions Set-1

Model Questions Set-1 Of Chapter: 1 Nature Of Sociology

I. ONE MARK QUESTIONS. (Answer the following questions in a word or sentences)

1. Who is the Father of sociology?

2. In which year the word ‘Sociology” is introduced?

3. What is the literal meaning of sociology?

4. From which language the word ‘socious’ is derived?

5. What is the meaning of ‘Socious’?

6. From which language the word ‘Logos’ is derived?

7. In which century sociology became separate and an independent science?

8. Write the name of the book written by “Koutalya”.

9. Which book was written by Manu?

10. Who is the author of the book ‘Republic’?

11. State any one factor for the emergence of sociology.

12. Give an example for a social science.

13. Write one social effect of the French Revolution.

14. Write one social effect of the Industrial Revolution.

15. Write the name of a western sociologist.

16. Mention one feature of sociology.

17. Is sociology an independent science?

18. Is sociology a social science?

19. Is sociology a science?

20. Is sociology an Abstract Science?

21. Write one feature of science.

22. Mention any one type of science.

23. Give an example of a Physical Science.

24. Who considered, “Sociology is the queen of science”?

25. Give any one major criteria of science.

26. Mention one book of Alex lnkles.

27. Who is the author of ‘What is Sociology’?

28. Mention any one specialised field of sociology?

29. State any one use of sociology.

30. Who is called as the first founder of sociology?

31. Who is the author of the book ‘Positive Philosophy’?

32. Who is the ‘Priesthood of Humanity’? 

33. Who is the first women sociologist? 

34. Who is the Second Founder of sociology? 

35. By whom Herbert Spencer was influenced? 

36. State a theory of Herbert Spencer? 

37. Mention one works of Herbert Spencer. 

38. Who is the author of the book “First Principle”? 

II. QUESTIONS OF 2 MARKS (Answer in two sentences.)

1. What is Natural Science?

2. What is Social Science?

3. What is Sociology?

4. What is Categorical Science?

5. What is Normative Science?

6. What is Pure Science?

7. What is an Applied Science?

8. What is a Science?

9. Mention any two uses of sociology

10. Mention the contributions of Harriet martineav

11. Name any two books of August Comte

12. What are the two branches of sociology according to August Comte

13. Name any two books of Herbert Spencer

14. What is the Scientific Stage?

15. State the origin of the word ‘sociology’

16. Define sociology

17. Mention the definition of August Comte on sociology

18. State the definition of HMJohnson on sociology

19. State Emile Durkhiem’s definition on sociology

20. State Max Weber’s definition about sociology

21. Define sociology according to Maciver and Page

22. Write Moris Ginsburg’s definition of sociology

23. Mention any two causes for the emergence the of sociology

24. Which twin revolutions fastened the emergence of sociology

25. Mention any two social problems of India

26. Name any two thinkers of sociology

27. Write any two literature sources of Indian ancient social thought

28. Write two great epics of India

Ill. QUESTIONS OF 5 MARKS. (Answer in 10-15 sentences.)

1. Explain the factors that contributed to the emergence of sociology 

2. What is Sociology? Discuss with two definitions 

3. Explain the contributions of Max weber to the development of sociology 

4. Explain the role of ‘Twin Revolutions’ in the emergence of sociology 

5. Define the ‘Science Explain the types of science 

6. Briefly explain any five characteristics of science 

7. State any five differences between Natural/Physical Science and Social Science 

8. Explain the subject matters of sociology according to Alex lnkles 

9. Name any five special field of studies of Sociology 

10. Discuss the contributions of Emile Durkhiem to the sociology 

IV. QUESTIONS OF 10 MARKS. Answer in 30-40 sentences.

1. Define sociology and explain the nature of sociology.

2. Justify that sociology as a science.

3. Explain the subject matters of sociology.

4. Explain the uses of sociology.

5. Explain the contributions of August Comte to the development of sociology.

V. Match the followings.

1. Match the following.

A. lravati Karve(i) What is sociology
B. M N Shrinivas(ii) Positive Philosophy
C. August Comte(iii) Remembered V illage
D. Alex lnkles(iv) Caste And Race in India
E. G. S. Ghurye(v) Kinship Organisations in India.

2. Match the following.

A. Ramayana(i) Vedavyasa
B. Manusmriti(ii) Valmiki
C. Politics and Ehtics(iii) Koutalya
D. Artha Shastra(iv) Aristotle
E. Maha Bharatha(v) Manu

3. Match the following.

A. The logic of practice(i) Karl Marx
B. Deconstruction(ii) Surveillance, enforcent and discipline
C. Structu ration(iii) Pierr Bourdieu
D. Michel foucault(iv) Anthony Giddens
E. Conflict Perspective(v) Jacques Derrida

VI. Fill in the Blanks:

1. _____ Modern thinker calls for constructivist approach.

2. Jurgen Hebermas is known as a spokesman of _____ of critical theory.

3. _____ Analyses the emergence of modern institution such as prisons, Hospitals and schools.



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