PUC 1st Political Science | UNIT-2 “STATE” Model Questions

UNIT-2 “STATE” Model Questions

I. One marks questions.

1. Which is the most essential human organization? (A)

2. What is a state? (K)

3. Which institution established before the origin of state? (K)

4. What is the main purpose of a state? (K)

5. Who said that man is a social and also a political animal? (U)

6. What is the root word of state? (K)

7. Give an example of a city state. (K)

8. who called the state as ‘Civitas’? (U)

9. who introduced the term state for the first time? (U)

10. who is the author of ‘The prince’? (K)

11. which is the supreme of all associations ? (A)

12. which association serves people from birth to death? (U)

13. who advocated ‘Sapthanga theory’ of the state? (U)

14. According to Plato what should be the population of state? (K)

15. Who said that population of the state should be 10,000? (U)

16. Name the author of the book ‘Arthashastra’. (K)

17. Name a state with highest population in the world. (K)

18. Name a state with lowest population in the world. (K)

19. Who said that ‘Good people build a good state’? (A)

20. What is territory? (K)

21. What is government? (K)

22. When did India become a sovereign state? (U)

23. Which is the most important element of the state? (U)

24. Which is the most powerful of all social institutions? (U)

25. What is state according to Aristotle? (K)

26. Which is called as an agent of the state? (K)

27. Which organ is called as the ‘Heart and soul’ of the state? (K)

28. What is sovereignty? (K)

29. Who was the proponent of internal sovereignty? (U)

30. Who was the proponent of external sovereignty? (U)

31. How did the Greeks considered the state as? (A)

32. What is an association? (K)

33. Which is called as ’The association of associations’? (U)

34. What is society? (K)

35. Who said ‘’society is the web of social relationship’’? (U)

36. Which is known as the ‘crown association”? (U)

37. What is the root word of the term ‘Nation’? (K)

38. Who said ‘Nation is state + Nationality’? (U)

39. When did India become a sovereign state? (A)

40. What is Nation? (K)

II. Two marks questions

1. Write the meaning of state. (K)

2. Why is the state inevitable? (U)

3. Name any two theories of the origin of the state. (K)

4. Define the state. (K)

5. What is welfare state? (K)

6. Mention the organs of ‘sapthanga theory’. (K)

7. Name the four elements of a state. (K)

8. What is sovereignty according to Jean Bodin? (U)

9. Write any two advantages of limited population. (U)

10. Write any two states which have large population. (A)

11. Name any two advantages of small territory. (U)

12. Write any two advantages of large territory. (U)

13. 12. Name any two states with large territory. (K)

14. Name any two states which have small territory. (K)

15. Write the meaning of Government. (U)

16. Mention the organs of Government. (K)

17. What is sovereignty? (K)

18. Name the aspects of sovereignty. (K)

19. What is internal sovereignty? (K)

20. What is external sovereignty? (K)

21. Write the meaning of Society. (K)

22. Write any two differences between the state and society. (U)

23. Write any two differences between state and government. (U)

24. What is an association? Give an example. (K)

25. Name the voluntary organization. (K)

26. Write any two differences between the state and association. (U)

27. Write the meaning of Nation. (K)

28. Write any two differences between the State and Nation. (U)

29. What is an Alien? (U)

III. Five marks questions

1. Explain the importance of state. (U)

2. Explain the theory of state. (K)

3. What is sovereignty? Explain the two aspects. (K)

4. What are the differences between state and society? (K)

5. Distinguish between state and Association. (U)

6. Explain the distinction between State and Nation. (U)

IV. Ten marks questions

1. What is State? Explain its elements. (K)

2. What is state? Explain its importance. (U)

3. Discuss elaborately about Nation and Nationality. (U)

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