1st PUC Political Science | Unit – 5 Constitution Of India

Unit – 5 Constitution Of India

I. One mark questions.

1. When did the Indian constitution come in to force? (U)

2. Who was a temporary president of the constituent assembly? (U)

3. Who was the chairman of Indian constituent assembly? (U)

4. Who was the chairman of drafting committee? (U)

5. Name any one members of the Indian constituent assembly. (U)

6. How many members were there in the constituent assembly? (K)

7. How many times the constitution of India is amended till now? (U)

8. How many committees were functioning under Constituent Assembly? (U)

9. When was the Drafting committee established? (U)

10. When did the drafting committee submit the draft of the Indian constitution? (U)

11. When did the constituent assembly accept the draft of the Indian constitution? (U)

12. How many articles were there originally in the constitution of India? (A)

13. How many articles exist now in our constitution? (U)

14. Which is the lengthiest constitution in the world? (U)

15. Which is the shortest constitution in the world? (U)

16. How much time has been taken by the constituent assembly to make the Indian constitution? (U)

17. Who described the preamble as the ‘political horoscope’ of the constitution? (U)

18. Through which Amendment the words ‘Socialistic’ and ‘Secular’ are inserted to the

Preamble? (U)

19. Name the three lists of division of power. (K)

20. Name the part which contains the directive principles of state policy. (A)

21. Name the part which contains the fundamental rights. (A)

22. Which amendment removes the right to property from fundamental rights? (A)

23. When was the 42nd Amendment adopted? (A)

24. In which part of the constitution, ‘we the people of India’ is mentioned? (A)

25. What is Sovereign Nation? (K)

26. Which Article mentions the National Emergency? (A)

27. Which Article mentions the Financial Emergency? (A)

28. Which Article mentions about the procedure of Amendments in the Indian


29. How many subjects are there in the State list? (A)

30. How many subjects are there in the Union list ? (A)

31. How many subjects are there in the concurrent list. (A)

32. What is state list? (K)

33. What is union list? (K)

34. What is concurrent list? (K)

35. Which article refers to right to constitutional remedies? (A)

36. How many fundamental duties are there in the constitution? (U)

37. What is compulsory education? (K)

38. What is Habeas Corpus? (K)

39. What is Mandamus? (K)

40. What is prohibition? (K)

41. What is certiorari? (K)

42. What is Quo-warranto? (K)

43. Through which Amendment, the fundamental duties implemented? (A)

44. Expand RTE. (U)

II. Two marks questions.

1. What is a preamble? (K)

2. What is the duration taken by the Constituent Assembly to complete the task of constitution? (A)

3. Name two members of Indian Constituent Assembly. (U)

4. Name two members of Drafting committee. (K)

5. Mention the two objectives of the preamble of the constitution. (U)

6. Mention two recent Amendments to the Indian constitution. (U)

7. What is Union list? Give example. (K)

8. What is state list? Give example. (K)

9. What is concurrent list? Give example. (K)

10. Name any two fundamental rights. (U)

11. Name any two fundamental rights. (U)

12. What is the meaning of socialist state? (K)

13. State the meaning of secular state. (K)

14. What do you mean by republic state? (U)

15. What do you mean by parliamentary form of government? (K)

16. What do you mean by fundamental rights? (K)

17. What do you mean by directive principles of state policy? (K)

18. Give the meaning of single citizenship. (K)

19. Mention two features of the Compulsory Education Act. (U)

20. What are the different kind of writs. (K)

21. What do you mean by universal adult franchaise? (U)

22. Name the freedoms mentioned in article 19 of the constitution. (U)

III. Five marks questions.

1. Give an introductory note on the Indian constitution. (U)

2. Write aa note on the constituent assembly. (K)

3. Write about the drafting committee. (K)

4. Write the text of the preamble of the Indian constitution. (K)

5. Explain the principles of the preamble. (A)

6. List out the fundamental duties of Indian citizens. (U)

7. Explain the different kinds of writs. (K)

8. Write a short note on RTE. (U)

IV. Ten marks questions.

1. Explain the salient features of the Indian constitution. (U)

2. Explain the fundamental rights of Indian citizens. (K)

3. Describe the fundamental duties in the Constitution of India. (K)

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