1st PUC Economics Chapter – 4 Presentation Of Data Model Question Paper

Chapter – 4 Presentation Of Data

I. Choose the correct answers (each question carries 1 mark). 

1) Data are presented in senteces is called. 

a) Tabular Presentation

b) Diagramatic Presentation 

c) Textual Presentation

d) None of the above 

2) A histogram is a 

a) One dimensional diagram

b) Two dimensional diagram 

c) Three dimensional diagram

d) four dimensional diagram 

3) Frequency polygon is used in the presentation of 

a) Ungrouped data

b) grouped data 

c) Both types of data

d) none of these 

4) Data are expressed in rows and columns is called 

a) Pie-chart

b) Bar digram 

c) Linear diagram

d) Table 

5) Ogives can be helpful in locating graphically the 

a) mode

b) mean 

c) median

d) none of the above 

II. Fill in the blanks (each question carries 1 mark). 

1) Arithmetic line graph is also called………………………………………. 

2) Component Bar diagrams are also called……………………………… 

3) ………………………….. of the table contains actual data. 

III. Answer the following questions in a word / sentence (each question carries 1 mark). 

1) What is pie-chart? 

2) What do you mean by frequency polygon? 

3) What is multiple Bar diagram? 

4) What is table?9 

IV. Answer the following questions in about four sentences (each question carries 2 marks) 

1) Name any four parts of tabulation. 

2) What are the types of bar diagram? 

3) What is component bar diagram? give the example. 

4) How can you obtain a frequency curve? 

5) What kind of diagrams are more effective in presenting the following? 

a) Monthly rainfall in a year 

b) Composition of the population of Delhi by religion 

V. Answer the following questions in about twelve sentences (each question carries 4 marks) 

1) Draw the format of a table and identify its components. 

2) Draw a bar diagram with the help of the following data Production of cars of a company in different years.

Years Numbers of cars
2011 150
2012 250
2013 180
2014 90
2015 300
2016 350 

VI. Answer the following in about twenty sentences (each question carries 6 marks) 

1) Explain the components of the table. 

2) The following table shows the Enrollment by gender at schools (%) of children aged 6-14 years in a district of Bihar. Draw a component bar diagram by using these datas.

Gender Enrolled (in %) Drop outs (in %)
Boy 91.5 8.5
Girl 58.6 41.4
All 78.0 22.0

3) Construct ogive by using the following datas.

Marks (x) Number of Students (f)
0-20 6
20-40 5
40-60 33
60-80 14
80-100 6
Total 64 

4) Draw an arithmetic line graph using following data 

Value of import and export of India (in 100 crores)

Year Exports Imports
2009-10 8455 13637
2010-11 11370 16835
2011-12 14660 23455
2012-13 16343 26692
2013-14 19050 27154 

VII. Project oriented question (5 marks) 

1. On the basis of data you have collected regarding participation of women in your locality in the below mentioned categories construct a pie chart.

Status  Population
a) Marginal worker 12
b) Main worker 36
c) Non-worker 73

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