1st PUC Economics Chapter – 2 Collection Of Data Model Question Paper

Chapter – 2 Collection Of Data Model Question Paper

I. Choose the correct answers (each question carries 1 mark). 

1. Which method of collection of Data gives better results? 

(a) Census (b) Sample Survey 

(c) Innovation (d) Distribution 

2. Which of the following error is more serious? 

(a) Sampling error (b) non-sampling error 

(c) Data error (d) Calculation error 

3. The method of collection of data in which reactions can be watched is 

(a) Telephone interview (b) Mailing questionnaire 

(c) Personal interview (d) E-mail 

II. Fill in the blanks (each question carries 1 mark). 

1. Data collected by the investigator is called ——– 

2. The method of interview in obtaining information at a shorter time is ——— 

3. Most expensive method of interview is ———— 

4. The method of data collection which cannot be used by illiterates are ——— 

5. Census of India is carried out once in ———— years. 

III. Match the following: (total 5 marks). 

(a) Personal interview Pre-testing of questionnaire 
(b) Mailing Questionnaire Covers every individual 
(c) Telephone interview Loss of questionnaire 
(d) Pilot Survey Cheaper or relatively low cost
(e) Census More expensive 

IV. Answer the following questions in a word / sentence (each question carries 1 mark). 

1. What is a variable?5 

2. Write the meaning of Census. 

3. What is Sample Survey? 

4. Give the meaning of sampling error. 

5. Expand NSSO. 

6. Expand CSO. 

7. Expand DGCIS. 

V. Answer the following questions in about four sentences (each question carries 2 marks) 

1. Mention the two sources of data. 

2. Write any two qualities of a good questionnaire. 

3. Mention the methods of collecting data. 

4. Write the differences between Census & Sample survey. 

5. Name the two methods of selecting samples in Random Sampling? 

6. Give the meaning of Pilot Survey. 

VI. Answer the following questions in about twelve sentences (each question carries 4 marks) 

1. Does the lottery method always give you a random sample? Explain 

2. Briefly explain Sampling errors. 

3. What is Random Sampling? Explain briefly. 

4. Write Briefly about the census and NSSO. 

VII. Project oriented question (5 marks) 

1. Suppose you are a research student and you are asked to conduct a sample survey about the ‘Mid-day meals program’ in schools. Prepare a good questionnaire to support your survey.

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